Experience Maximum Altitude

Are you where you want to be at this point in your life? Do you find yourself wanting more? What goals and aspirations do you have that you want to reach this year? Experience a new life where you can build your dreams and create the future you want for yourself and your family; experience a new you with Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises, LLC.

Our Philosophy

We provide a holistic approach to excelling in life, enabling our clients to experience life at its fullest and break through the barriers that have held them back for so long. Experience Maximum Altitude with Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises today!

Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises (TFE) is located wherever our clients need us; from the boardroom to the school room and every conference room and venue in between, TFE will be there when you need us. From our effective life coaching services to our financial literacy workshops and keynote speeches and addresses for your group or staff, we have the business and life solutions you can count on. We are well known in the industry for our educational and personal consulting as well as our exclusive FLYGHT Life Coaching Program (FLC).

The objectives of Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises are to help every client:

  • Discover and/or Understand Their FLYGHT Pattern
  • Identify Challenge Areas in their Life
  • Challenge their Mindset to Excel
  • Create, Develop and Cultivate an Environment That Inspires and Motivates

To learn more about TFE and our extensive array of personal, professional and educational development services, contact us and let a member of our FLYGHT Crew assist you and answer any questions you might have.

Connecting With Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises

Connect with us today on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of your favorite social media channels or feel free to drop us a line any time and let us know how we are doing and what we can do to better serve your needs and the needs of your business, school, educational institution, agency and/or program.

Thank you for visiting us today and for making Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises, LLC your first choice for premium, effective public speaking engagements, life coaching and financial literacy systems that work in the real world and can enhance your way of life.

Our Programs: Prepare for Lift Off

  • The F.L.Y.G.H.T Academy



    Are you afraid of the unknown?


    Are you struggling in

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  • Coaching

    Do you experience any of the following:

    • Difficulty advancing to the next phase and/or level of life;

    • Additional support and

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  • Isaiah’s Way



    In July of 2004, Founder & CEO of Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises, Elijah A. Oliver’s

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