The F.L.Y.G.H.T Academy

February 18, 2019



Are you afraid of the unknown?


Are you struggling in any particular area of life?


With the demands of trying to figure this ‘life’ thing out, a hectic class/course schedule, sports, work schedule, family, life’s challenges or simply not realizing one’s self-worth, people have fallen short of realizing that they already possess every innate quality needed to soar to new heights and take their life to the next level.


We want you to WIN; academically, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, and relationally!





Let us introduce you to The F.L.Y.G.H.T Academy!

The F.L.Y.G.H.T Academy (TFA) is an elite on-line group coaching community designed to assist high school students in their senior year and First Year college Students transition to post-secondary educational institutions. TFA assists’ with the barriers and challenges of students transitioning to college, identifying the underlying patterns, limiting beliefs and behaviors that lead to temporary or long-term setbacks. TFA Coaching connects individuals to their sense of self and serves as an interactive process based on mutual trust, compassion, patience and directness. At TFA, we stress the importance of taking action (execution), responsibility and accountability!


TFA is a solution to the challenges students face in many areas of life!


TFA firmly believes that the key to living a happier, more productive life begins at the very core of your being; in other words, it starts with you; that’s right YOU! In further words, you cannot effectively be who you are designed to be without transforming what’s on the inside.


Here’s what’s included in your membership:


**All packages are monthly membership subscriptions. You can cancel at any time**

$49.99 / mo
Daily Text Motivation
Weekly Confidence Call
Access to Private Members-Only FB Group


   Follow-Up & Check In

Monthly Guest

 Spiritual Development Call   **ask for details**



**All Calls are conducted via Zoom Video App**

**To learn more about our personal 1:1 coaching packages, please email**




TFA Membership

Meet your F.L.Y.G.H.T Captain & Coach! 


Elijah A. Oliver knows a thing or two about settling, living an average life and staying inside of his comfort zone! Before he decided to Take F.L.Y.G.H.T, he was comfortable with simply showing up and working behind the scenes assisting wherever he felt necessary! After many years of failure and disappointment, he soon realized that showing up wasn’t enough and ultimately got tired of not feeling successful!


When Elijah a) recognized his purpose and b) knew that there was more to life than what he was experiencing, that’s when he put his best foot forward in life and started seeing tangible results! He had to realize that all of his failures and disappointments allowed him to grow and succeed and are all a part of his journey! Elijah is passionate about empowering youth and young adults; more specifically, he is known to some as the ‘First Year Specialist,’ where he empowers and uplifts high school students transitioning to college and First Year College Students!


Elijah is a speaker, author, certified master life coach, licensed minister and entrepreneuer. Elijah has over 15 years of experience in the financial services sector, social services, banking industry and higher education. He leverages his personal experiences and setbacks in life and in college to equip and uplift young people with core strategies that enable them to Take F.L.Y.G.H.T!


For more questions about The F.L.Y.G.H.T Academy and our personal 1:1 coaching packages, please contact 860.419.5299 or email

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