“Elijah A. Oliver graciously accepted an invitation to be our Keynote speaker at our “Red Carpet Event: Honoring our Congregations’ Youth” as they successfully completed the school year. The event was a success, in large part, because of Mr. Oliver’s presentation. Once he delivered his speaking remarks, he not only captured the attention of the honorees but the entire congregation. The honorees ranged in age from 4 to 19 and Mr. Oliver was skillful in engaging every single one of them. Throughout the entire presentation Mr. Oliver’s message expressed growing up in today’s society in a positive and uplifting way, encouraging our youth to strive for the very best out of their lives. Our entire congregation was blessed by Mr. Oliver’s presence and energetic presentation. I would strongly recommend the services of Mr. Elijah A. Oliver and Take F.L.Y.G.H.T Enterprises.”

Rev. R.M. Mills, Senior Pastor, Living Water Ministries, Torrington, CT

Yale Hospitality hosted CEO Elijah Oliver at our Employee Health and Wellness Fair as a presenter. Our 400+ employees were highly engaged and very receptive to the messaging and delivery of Mr. Oliver. His material was highly effective and customized toward the needs of our employees mental, social and spiritual health. His overall professionalism, commitment to be impactful and willingness to go above and beyond to fully engage our employees was remarkable! We, at Yale Hospitality, were very satisfied and fully endorse the services of Take FLYGHT Enterprises.

D. Avent, MAIOP, Hospitality Training & Development Manager, Yale University, New Haven, CT

He delivered an ovation worthy performance as the headliner for the Voya Financial’s African American Employee Resource Group’s Black History Month Event. He was engaging, knowledgeable, and receptive to questions. His presentation was motivating and enthralling. One colleague told me that she wanted to go back to college as as result of hearing Elijah speak to our group. The employees were drawn into his presentation and willing to actively participate. The content was presented in a way that was easy to understand; from the feedback we’ve received, he has made an indelible mark on our group. I would recommend Elijah and Take FLYGHT Enterprises to anyone who is looking to talk to and/or teach their employees on personal, professional and/or career development and empowerment.

P. Williams, Plan Manager/Planning Committee, Voya Financial/Voya African American Employee Resource Group, Windsor, CT

There was good student interaction and they seemed responsive to you. You were a good presenter for the class. You were responsive to the students. Your presentation was good; motivated the students—which was evident. I believe the material was helpful for their future, among our regular courses and engagement with low-income, at-risk youth, and those with multiple barriers to family, social, and employment.

S. Chip Anderson, Grant Writer/Instructor, GAIN (Gain Access for Independence) Program, Derby, CT

The students enjoyed your presentation and were inspired to continue to be the best that they can be.  They are ready to chase their dreams.  Thank you for an inspiring presentation.  They recognize the importance of education and are ready to take their educational journey. We at the Summer Academy endorse and support what Take FLYGHT Enterprises is doing with our young students.   Your presentation was very effective with what I call “your student friendly” approach and style.  The students were very comfortable and focused.  They students felt empowered and believe that they do have control over their destiny; they believe that they can shape their future through believing that they can achieve.  It would have been better if we could have given you more time.  We are very interested in you returning to present at our fall After School Program, for Cultural Thursdays. Thank you for being an inspiration to our children.

R. Thomas, Student Services Coordinator, Hartford Region Open Choice (CREC), Hartford, CT

I really loved your presentation. It felt more like a conversation than a lecture. My students were really engaged in the conversation. None of them appeared to be bored. Teenagers love honesty and when they know all adults aren’t perfect they related a little more. I liked the fact that students were raising their hands and willing to share their own stories at a time when young people don’t like talking with anyone. You really made them feel comfortable with you. I also loved the message about not setting limits on yourself. That was great.  That message was simple but very deep and effective. The kids were laughing at your idea about the Take Flyght Enterprises Airline but they understood once you explained it. That made some of the students intrigued about owning their own business and helping others.

D. Small, Tier II Instructor, Blue Hills Civic Association, Hartford, CT

Elijah Oliver made a presentation on credit, credit cards, and related subjects to both of my classes of freshmen taking First-Year Introduction 100 at Eastern Connecticut State University.  In general, his presentation, over 75 minutes, was quite effective – entertaining and substantive, as he is very knowledgeable about his subject. Elijah had been recommended to me by Aaron Isaacs, Director of the MOVE Program at Goodwin College, where Elijah is providing a longer financial literacy program for participants in the MOVE Program.

Clearly, today’s college students need financial literacy education more than ever, yet many seem ignorant of the most basic economic principles and how to plan for their own financial futures. Given the need, I would certainly again use Elijah to provide needed education to contemporary college students, and to recommend him to others seeking financial literacy education for young people.

David Johnston, Director, Education ‘R We, First Year Introduction Instructor, Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Eli during the past two years as Director of Educational Opportunity Programs. Eli is a remarkable young man and his financial literacy curriculum has proven to be an invaluable asset to the program’s mission and commitment to serving its students. Through Eli’s workshop, students are actively engaged in learning how to save, manage income, establish good credit and consolidate their student loans. Eli also gives his own unique insight on how to avoid common pit falls while in college. He delivers this message through a fun and interactive curriculum. It has greatly enhanced our programs capacity to positively impact the at-risk populations to which we serve.

Aaron Isaacs, M.A., Director of Educational Opportunity Programs, at Goodwin College, East Hartford, CT

In my program, WISE (Women Invested in Securing an Education), the ladies were quite enlightened with Eli’s presentation and resonated with the material being taught. Eli’s fresh approach taught complex concepts in a manner that freshman students can comprehend. Eli’s ability of transforming a topic that most young adults find irrelevant and tedious is important to recognize. Through his workshop students learned the importance of establishing a spending plan, being an informed consumer, establishing good credit and the dangers of bad debt. The students felt engaged with the subject at hand through Eli’s interactive activities in which the students had a chance to apply their personal financial status and have visual representation on what aspects of their spending serves as a hinder. The format of the curriculum in which Eli utilizes, appeals to various learning styles of students.

Latanya M. Kennedy, BSW, Program Coordinator, WISE Program at Goodwin College, East Hartford, CT

“Elijah helped my class by pointing out the importance of budgeting, saving their money and making their income work for them. What sets Elijah apart from other financial literacy experts is his ability to interact with today’s youth, carefully listen to each person and discover what their individual needs are. He always makes his self available, connects people to their money in ways that offer immediate, visible results, and find methods to help his clients save money.”

Stacey Price, Youth Employment Specialist, Catholic Charities (Archdiocese of Hartford), Hartford, CT

“Mr. Oliver did an excellent job of conducting this workshop and engaging the students in important matters regarding personal finance and educational achievement as it relates to financial earnings. The sessions were very interactive with the students calculating yearly income and lifetime earnings based on various levels of educational attainment. He also discussed payroll deductions, gross vs. net pay, credit cards, and 401k’s and how they work. He relates very well to the students and they remained totally interested throughout the session. He continually shared his own personal experiences in business and his educational and career journey.”

Richard Davis, Youth Employer Engagement Specialist, Capital Workforce Partners, Hartford, CT

“I found his presentation connected well with students which led them to ask a host of questions. Mr. Oliver is knowledgeable and his delivery allowed students to freely exchange mutual dialogue. He incorporates exercises to drive the understanding of his material and makes use of visual media (PowerPoint) to aid in his presentation. I believe our students thoroughly enjoyed his presentations, and they now have a greater understanding on the impact of the financial decisions they make today will have a larger impact on their financial success in the future.”

Veronica D. Wilson, M.Ed., Employer Relations Manager, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT

During Eli’s presentations, it became readily apparent that he was able to relate to the students and reach them on a personal level. He was very candid and open with students offering a realistic viewpoint revealing some of his personal challenges with money as a student. It was evident that through his openness our students saw firsthand the hardship of financial mismanagement can create for young adults. When answering questions, he was clear and concise making sure the students queries were answered without uncertainty. His program is very appropriate for high school and college audiences and would serve as a building block for developing a solid foundation towards educating students in financial literacy.

Stephen P. Seaward, CMF, MBA, Director, Career Development, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT

You found a way to build a rapport with the students in the EMS Academy afterschool program and that kept them engaged over the course of the program. Your program was informative and delivered a message not just on finance but the importance of getting a good education. The student learned how a good education maximizes their earning power as they move into their adult lives. Take F.L.Y.G.H.T. Ent. provided materials and lessons that were relevant to upper elementary students the lesson plans tied into state standards ad also served as enrichment for students in basic math skills. Thank you for impacting the lives of the students in EMS Academy

Nuchette M. Burke, M. Ed., Program Administrator, Educational Main Street (University of Hartford) Hartford, CT

The workshop was highly informative, interactive and introduced college students to effective learning tools that can help them become financially responsible citizens. Mr. Oliver’s commitment to empowering our youth on the importance of financial literacy and being financially responsible is imperative and needed. Not only is his information useful, but he also has a skill set to relate to our youth in a meaningful and intentional approach. The level of student’s engagement was quite impressive and I attribute that to the presenter’s style and facilitation skills.

D. E. Jones, , M.Ed., Office of Multicultural Affairs, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

“I thought the program was informative and organized. Enjoyed activities and were grateful that the presenter was fun and enthusiastic.”

Student – Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

“I’ve known Elijah Oliver in a variety of capacities for many years. He has been a mentor, teacher, and positive influence to numerous youth throughout the Hartford area for several years. Mr. Oliver is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. The financial presentations that Mr. Oliver has conducted have been very beneficial for my office and fellow cohort of colleges and individual staff members that report to me.”

Derrick Curry, Director of Student Activities- Capital Community College, Hartford, CT

“Your presentation on financial literacy was highly engaging, creative and aligned well with the districts math and literacy curriculum in order to help prepare twenty first century learners for the future. Your professionalism and highly effective communication helped set the tone for a successful lesson and classroom experience for my students. The activities presented during the lesson helped students internalize and communicate the importance of financial literacy and how to effectively implement these practices in real world situations.”

Kimberlee Matthews, Teacher- Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary School, Hartford, CT

“The information Mr. Oliver presented to the students was well received and the students truly enjoyed the presentations, finding them informative and interactive. Mr. Oliver was easy to work with, he was always timely in his responses, and was very well organized. He has a great attitude and a true passion for the subject matter. I highly recommend Mr. Oliver to anyone who is seeking to educate students on financial literacy. He is great to work with and would be an asset to any program.”

S.N., Hall Director- Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic, CT

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