The 3L’s You Will Encounter….

October 6, 2015

As I sit and contemplate this whole “journey to success,” and what it means, I’ve realized that there are certain types of people you will encounter on your road to success. Obviously, you have your true supporters. The people that encourage, exhort, and motivate you to be better. Individuals whose lives you may have touched with and/or without realizing it. The people who not only attend your events, but genuinely want to see you succeed and have your best interest at heart. They give you warm smiles and embrace your movement. They may not be able to attend all of your events, or they may be out of state, yet they are in your corner and want to see you flourish. This could be a combination of friends, family members, strangers, whomever you come into contact with. They see what you’re attempting to do and they give you that extra push to keep the fuel burning.

THEN….. You have, what I like to call, the 3 L’s.. These are the folks you will also encounter on your way to the top. Regardless of what you are doing, you will ALWAYS encounter these individuals as you move toward “doing you,” or bettering yourself and ultimately, achieving your dreams, goals, ambitions and purpose in life.

First, you have the Lookers: These are people who simply watch you from a distance. They will never say anything to you, they will never like a post on your social media outlets, they will never talk to you or give you a word of encouragement. They simply and literally, look! They are on your page, are aware of what you are doing, but don’t want to say anything (for whatever reason). Some people may refer to these individuals as haters. They admire what you’re doing and what you’re about, but they’ll never utter a word to you because they don’t have it in them to give someone credit or a simple compliment. Hence why you see so many videos/posts’ with 120 views, 2 comments and 3 likes… 🙂 (These are just my thoughts)….

Then you have the Lurkers: These are the folks who plot against you. They pray on your downfall. They are also watching your every move, but they can’t stand the very fabric of what you’re about. They are waiting for you to fall and IF you do, they will be the first ones talking about you, but never to your face. They have evil intentions and devise schemes to trap you. They are jealous because they want to be you. The are selfish and feel as though the sun rises and falls on their behind. They give you fake smiles and phony compliments.

and finally… you have the Leery: Plain and simple, these are the folks who doubt you! There is nothing that you can say or do that will change their perception of you. They are always suspicious and questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing and try to give you another way to go about it. If you tell them an idea or something you want to do, they respond with “Oh that’s cool… BUT….” For whatever reason, they don’t believe a word you say and nothing can convince them otherwise. You can have a proven track record, it doesn’t matter. You can be consistent all you want, these folks just don’t believe you or believe IN you.

WHEN you encounter these individuals, don’t worry about it! Keep pushing toward YOUR vision and purpose. Keep smiling and worry about what YOU can control! These folks will be around for a long time, but don’t let them stop you from pursuing your destiny! Rise above.. Stand tall because now if your time to TAKE FLYGHT!!!

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